MAKOplasty Is A Type Of Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

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Traditionally, doctors have been conservative with knee replacement surgeries until the arthritis has progressed to the point where a total replacement is needed. But thanks to new technology, this procedure is no longer necessary. Because MAKOplasty uses an innovative robot, the surgical procedure is a much more precise process. While partial knee replacement surgery has been an option for many people, the use of the robotic arm in the procedure has made it far more precise.

While traditional knee replacement surgeries require longer hospital stays, MAKOplasty is often the best option for patients who have advanced osteoarthritis of the knee. It offers many benefits, including a shorter recovery time and a smaller incision. The procedure requires a small incision, approximately two to three inches long, and results in less blood loss and scarring. Another advantage of MAKOplasty is the fact that it allows surgeons to create a more natural-looking implant that will last for years.

Patients have an increased chance of a successful outcome after undergoing Makoplasty. The procedure is safe, requiring only a single day in the hospital. Because of its unique technique, patients have a lower risk of complications. The procedure does not require anesthesia, and the patient does not have to spend any time in the hospital after the surgery.The procedure is highly customizable, and surgeons are free to customize the implant to fit the (480) 483-0393 patient’s anatomy.

Patients undergoing MAKOplasty have a higher chance 8630 East Via De Ventura Suite 201 of success. Because it involves a robot and a computer navigation system, the procedure is safer and more accurate. Unlike traditional surgeries, MAKOplasty does not remove any natural tissue or bone. The surgical procedure will only correct the condition, not treat the cause.Although it isn’t the best 85258 option for every patient, it’s a great option for those who have severe joint pain or who are looking for a permanent solution.

MAKOplasty can be performed on patients who have osteoarthritis in only one part of the knee. A robotic arm is used to place a robotic implant. The surgeon must make a four- to six-inch incision over the knee, but will also make small incisions in the tibia and femur. The robot’s tools and 3D model will allow the surgeon to accurately plan where to implant the new knee and how it will work.

The procedure is a popular option for patients who are limited by osteoarthritis in their knee.This Arizona procedure best knee surgeons in arizona is often performed using a robotic arm and has the potential to restore patients’ mobility.It can also be used to relieve the pain of a patient who is unable to walk or has Scottsdale a knee that has failed to respond to medications. If you’re in pain and unable to walk on your own, a robotic surgery may be the right option for you

MAKOplasty Is A Type Of Partial Knee Replacement Surgery
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