Ombre Hair Is The Latest Trend For 2011

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Ombre Hair Is The Latest Trend For 2011

Ombre means “all one color”, but the trend has now moved into celebrity hair too! actress Freida Pinto and singer Janet Jackson have both featured Ombre hair this season.

Bob Hale is a famous hair color trendsetter, with clients including Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss.This past Australia week, I saw Freida Pinto and hubby John Anderson at Bob Hale in Manhattan. The Ombre color looks great on almost everyone, though it does look especially good on blondees with a natural golden glow. If you’re going blonde, but want something a bit darker, the Ombre would be a great option. While it’s a low maintenance color, you may need to apply a conditioner or heat protectant.

Most stylists at Bob Hale are Melbourne able to do the Ombre and Colorless parting with only semi permanent makeup. They usually suggest the blonde or natural look because it works well with so many different skin tones, whether you have light, dark, tan or silver skin. Since you can go from deep golden to deep red, the Ombre gives you a great color match. You typically won’t need to apply a conditioner, but if you do, it’s generally not very thick or long-lasting.

The Bob Hale Ombre is currently the most popular color for teenagers and young women. It’s also one of the most popular colors for mature women. One reason it’s so popular is that it can create a very chic, sophisticated style without being too fussy or too loud.Since it’s a relatively simple color, it’s typically easy to achieve, requiring only liner, 2/21 Strathlea Drive Cranbourne West curling iron, and a few highlights to create the desired look. Bob Hale Ombre comes in a variety of tones such as a crisp, natural golden blonde, soft copper, deep sage, intense black, and more.

In addition to the Ombre, you’ll find that a lot of Permanent hair straightening stylists at hair salons nowadays are offering a Colorless Ruffle Ombre.Unlike the 97759026 Ombre, a Colorless Ruffle Ombre requires semi permanent makeup and isn’t as easy to achieve. The colorless version of this type of Ombre is generally darker than the original. It features bolder roots and wears a rich golden brown colour.

So before you set out to look for your next salon styling experience, it’s very important to get in touch with a specialized professional. A good example of a specialist salon would be a celebrity hairstylist or a hairdresser that specializes in doing weddings. Your local beauty shop might also be an excellent place to inquire about getting some advice from, or even becoming a referral for, a particular salon stylist. If you’re looking for an Ombre colour, you should definitely consider contacting one of your local specialists